Kikokutei-Bekkan Near the annex of Higashi Honganji-Temple: Syosei-en Garden

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We don't have any relation with Higashi Honganji-Temple or Syosei-en garden. Please don't call them.

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When can a reservation be made?
A reservation can be made 6 months in advance before the arrival.
※It depends on plan or period.
Availability seems to be none.
Not all the rooms are on sale on the online.
Kindly make a contact with e-mail to confirm the availability.
Thanks for your kind understanding.
Can breakfast be added to reservation after?
Please let us know directly at check in or by e-mail.
Open: 7:30 Close: 10:30 (L.O. 10:00)
Price: 2,500JPY per person
Can minors accommodate without being accompanied by an adult?
Kindly submit an agreement form filled in by parental authority.
Is there any cancellation policy?
Cancellation fee would be caused from within 2 days before the arrival.
2 days: 50% of room fee
Before the day: 80%
On the day: 100%

Accommodation with child

Can children accommodate?
A child under 6 years old is free of charge if not in need of equipment(towels, amenities).
A child over 7 years old is treated as an adult.

Check in/out

What time is due to check/out?
Check-in is from 3pm.
Please let us know if you would like to check in after 10pm.
Check-out is until 11am.
Due time can be extended with fee (1,000JPY per an hour).


Can luggage be left before check in/after check out?
Please feel free to request.
Is it possible to use luggage forwarding service in advance?
If you would like to use it, please make a contact to us.
Please write "date of check in" and "name" on a form and send it prepaid.

〒600-8151 317 Uchikoshicho Shimogyo-ku,
Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu
Kikokutei Bekkan
(Name)(xx/xx check in)
* Please don't send it postpaid.
Can luggage be sent from the hotel?
Please ask about to the reception desk.


Is there suite or room for single use?
We are afraid to say we don't have any.
Whereas that, we can make beds (twin size) connected if you would like to.
How many people a room is capable of? Is there an extra bed?
Twin room is for use of 2 persons maximum.
We don't have an extra bed.
For use of more than 2 persons, Family room is recommended.
Where can smoking be possible?
Smoking without offer is prohibited on and around the hotel.
If you would like to smoke, please offer to the reception desk.
Is internet free of charge usable in room?
Are air purifier and humidifier equipped in room?
Are there lent-free PC and DVD Blu-ray Player?
We are afraid to say that there are none of those.
You could watch subscription service under your account on TV in room.

Restaurant / Vending machine

Is there a cafe?
Lounge on the 1st floor is available as common space where free of charge coffee and tea are prepared.
It is open during 12pm to 12am.
Is there a vending machine?
Yes. On lobby is there one.
Except for liquor, several kinds to drink are on display.
The most nearby convenience store takes 3 minutes by walk.


How long does it take from Kyoto Station to the hotel?
It takes 8minutes from the central exit.
Kindly refer to the guidance on link below.
Is there a parking lot cooperating with the hotel?
We are afraid to say we do not cooperate with a parking.
Please use nearby parking lot.
How long does it take from Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport) to the hotel?
It takes approximately 55 minutes.
(1) Take the airport limousine bus on the Osaka International Airport
(2) Get off at Kyoto Station
(3) From East Exit by walk
Dials for the limousine bus
How log does it take from Kansai International Airport to the hotel?
(1) Ride on JR Kanku Limited Express Haruka
(2) Get off at Kyoto Station
(3) From East Exit by Walk
Dials for the limousine bus
* JR Kanku Limited Express Haruka [approx. 1hr 15min (2,900yen, no reserved seat)


Can you help a surprise for anniversary?
We feel grateful to help you celebrate your special day.
Is there any medical equipment?
There are none of it on the hotel.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Is there laundry service?
Please ask about the details to the reception desk.
Is there ice machine?
We could give you piece of ices in ice pail.
Please feel free to ask about.
Is credit card usable?
VISA, JCB, Diners, Master Card, Amex, UnionPay, etc.
can be all accepted.
However, cashless payment with smartphone is not usable.
We apologize for the inconvenience.
Is there charger for smartphone?
It is equipped on the room.
Please use it.



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Number of Rooms
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